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Elizabeth Hartney, PhD

Mackenzie Phillips' Drug Addiction and Sexual Issues

By September 25, 2009

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Mackenzie Phillips by Michael Buckner/Stringer/Getty Images

I don't know if Mackenzie Phillips would label herself or her father, John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas, as sex addicts, but there was clearly something very, very wrong with their relationship.

Mackenzie recently claimed that she engaged in a ten year sexual relationship with her father, and that he introduced her to drugs, such as cannabis at age 10, and cocaine at age 11, and she went on the use "heroin ... alcohol ... barbiturates—everything you can think of."

She saw the alcohol and drugs as partly the cause of what happened between her and her father: "...a testament to what drugs and alcohol—in huge quantities—can do to a person's priorities."

Mackenzie's story illustrates what all alcohol and drug users need to know if they have children -- that they, not their children's friends, are the most important role models in their child's life, and their behavior is most likely to predict their child's future potential for addiction. As in Mackenzie's case, when a parent actually gives a child drugs, the risk of that child becoming addicted is greatly heightened.

And although sex addiction is poorly understood, the link between sexual abuse and sex addiction is well documented in the sex addiction literature.

Before judging Mackenzie, think about her youth and vulnerability at the time she began to engage in addictive behaviors. Think about the role models her parents were. And think about how she is trying to challenge the denial that surrounds these issues in families that are affected.

Image (c) Michael Buckner/Stringer/Getty Images

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