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How to Avoid Too Much Drinking During the Holidays

By December 30, 2012

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The holidays present many different situations in which too much drinking is expected, even encouraged. This can be a problem not only for heavy drinkers and alcoholics, but also for people who normally control their drinking, or who are inexperienced drinkers. The work Christmas party is an example of a situation in which you are seen as a "lightweight" or "not one of the team" if you abstain, so you need to be prepared in order to keep your dignity intact at the work Christmas party.

But once work is over, it can get even harder. For those who have heavy drinkers in the family, you can be under constant pressure to join your relatives in a drink, or two, which can lead to more and more. Friends can also be a source of peer pressure to drink, and you can feel as if you are missing out or not really having a good time with friends who are drinking when you are not. But staying in control is the key to avoiding too much drinking, so here are my top five tips for staying in control of alcohol during the holidays:

Although I advise ignoring peer pressure, and remind readers that any so-called friend who pressurizes someone who is trying to abstain or cut down to have another drink may not be such a great friend, I realize how difficult it can be, in reality, to say no to a drink. Truth be told, I have heard so many stories of relapse that happened simply because the individual didn't know how to say no to the offer of a drink, that I've lost count. But it is possible, and really just takes practice.

Lost for words when you're offered a drink? Here are my top five techniques for refusing a drink.

So this Winter holiday, hold your head high, and take control of your drinking. You may even have a more enjoyable holiday without a massive hangover to deal with the following day!

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How to Avoid Too Much Drinking During the Holidays
Elizabeth Hartney, Five Ways to Avoid Drinking Too Much During the Holidays
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