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Harm Reduction


Harm reduction is an approach to addiction which supports people who engage in addictive behaviors and their communities by minimizing the negative impact of alcohol, drug and other addictive behaviors. As harm reduction stategies are controversial, information about harm reduction programs is not always easily available, but you can find it here.
  1. Safe Drinking
  2. Safe Injecting
  3. Safe Sex

Safe Drinking

As the most commonly abused drug, and the addictive behavior most likely to lead to accidents, alcohol has the widest range of socially accepted harm reduction strategies. Many are aimed at young people, who are especially vulnerable to the risks of drinking, but older adults can also stay safe through following basic harm reduction techniques.

Safe Injecting

As drug injecting is one of the most hazardous of the addictive behaviors, IV drug users are most in need of harm reduction strategies. While some communities provide good harm reduction supports to injection drug users, such as needle exchanges, and safe injection sites, many IV drug users resort to their own harm reduction techniques, such as cleaning needles for reuse.

Safe Sex

Sex has always carried risks of unplanned pregnancy and STDs, but since the 1980s, the risk of HIV infection through unprotected sex has lead to various harm reduction programs and recommendations.

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