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Top Ten Tips For Kids Whose Parents Have Addictions


Updated February 08, 2009

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Find Ways to Have Fun
Top Ten Tips For Kids Whose Parents Have Addictions

Fun with friends is a great stress reliever!

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Having fun is an important part of life for everyone. What is fun for some people is not fun at all for other people, so it is important that you do things you truly enjoy. Just because your friends or family enjoy it doesn’t mean it has to be fun for you.

If you enjoy physical activities, try and find a way to join a sports team or use gym equipment at your local community center. If you prefer reading, look into events at your local library. The important thing is that you enjoy it.

If your parents say you can’t afford it, ask at the community center about programs for low-income families. Your parents may not have to pay very much, or it may even be free.

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