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Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is a problem that affects many people, although little help is available. Compulsive buyers may struggle with the desire to shop, and with the consequences of debt and hoarding.
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A Day in the Life of a Shopaholic
What is it like to be addicted to shopping, on a day to day basis? This ficticious account gets across some of the key features of shopping addiction, including disassociation, concurrent substance use, and spending as a way to avoid painful emotions.

Five Advertising Tricks That Trigger Impulse Buying
Impulse buying is a common problem for people who overspend. Advertisers use many tricks to lure you into compulsive spending. Here are five of the most common advertising tricks used to get you to spend against your better judgement.

What is Marketing?
Explains the role of marketing in addictions

Five Easy Ways to Save Money
Being in debt and not having enough money to cover the cost of living is hard, especially when an addiction is draining your resources, but there are easy ways to save money.

How to Control Spending
When your compulsive behavior is shopping addiction or overspending, abstinence is not an option. Here are five harm reduction tips on how to control your spending.

What Is Shopping Addiction?
Provides a basic overview of shopping addiction.

Crazy About Money: How Emotions Confuse Our Money Choices & What to Do About It
Review of the book, Crazy About Money

Do Your Money Problems Stem From Shopping Addiction?
There are many causes of money problems, and money problems affect everyone from time to time. But sometimes the cause of money problems is shopping addiction.

Difference Between Compulsive Shopping and Impulse-Buying
Compulsive shopping and impulse buying are often referred to interchangable, but there are key differences.

Understanding a Shopping Addict
Trying to understand a shopping addict? Understand how a shopping addict feels before, during and after shopping.

Book Review: To Buy or Not to Buy
Book review of "To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop" by Dr April Lane Benson.

The Allure of Retail Therapy
Retail therapy can seem like a quick and easy route to feeling good. But research tells a different story.

How CBT Helped Cheryl Stop Spending Too Much
Here is an example of how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helped Cheryl stop spending too much for her budget. While the characters and the story are fictitious, the characteristics and circumstances described are often seen among people who want to stop overspending. Cheryl’s story is presented for illustrative purposes, to help readers...

Five Christmas Shopping Tips for the Compulsive Shopper
Christmas -- it is the best of times and the worst of times for a compulsive shopper. The pressure to spend comes from all sides -- advertisers tantalize us with images of a better, more fulfilled, happier life. The images of pleasant exchanges of well-appreciated gifts draw us all into an illusion which is bound to end in disappointment, and...

Spending Plan
How to create a spending plan to control your compulsive spending. This step by step guide will give you all the information you need to take control of your spending,

Inside the Mind of a Shopaholic
What goes on in the mind of a shopaholic? Researchers have discovered a number of personality traits and psychological patterns that define shopaholics.

Is Shopping Addiction, or Overspending, a Real Addiction?
Shopping addiction is a widely used term, but is overspending a real addiction?

The Controversy of Shopping Addiction
The terms "shopping addiction" and "shopaholic" have become everyday words, especially since the success of the chick-lit "Shopaholic" book series, and the spin-off movie, "Confessions of a Shopaholic." But is shopping addiction a legitimate addiction?

What Is Oniomania?
Glossary definition of oniomania

What Confessions of a Shopaholic Says About Shopping Addiction
Discusses how the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie protrays shopping addiction.

Portrayal of Addiction In "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Confessions of a Shopaholic does not intend to be a serious film, yet it portrays a serious subject. Although the movie contains some elements of truth, it also reinforces some unhelpful ideas about shopping addiction.

What Is Materialism?
Glossary definition of the term materialism.

Debtors Anonymous and Other Self-Help Groups For Shopping Addiction
Shopping Addiction is expensive, so free self-help resources such as Debtors Anonymous and Shopaholics Anonymous can be a great way to get started on recovery without running up therapy bills.

Shopping Addiction Questionnaire
Wondering if you have an addiction to shopping or spending? Follow this link and click on "Do I have a problem" in the right hand side box for an online questionnaire to help you find out.

Five Money-Spending Tips
People with addictions often try to save money so they don't suffer from the financial consequences of their addiction. There are easy ways to save money, but sometimes cutting costs just isn't worth it. These are five times when money spending makes more sense than money saving.

How to Set and Keep a New Year's Resolution to Quit Compulsive Shopping
Tips on how to set and keep a new year's resolution to quit compulsive shopping.

Evidence-Based Therapy for Addiction
Therapy for addiction is big business. And people struggling with addictions, and their loved ones, are often desperate by the time they seek help, but are overwhelmed with the multitude of options promising a new life free of alcohol and drugs, while real life stories warn of relapse and life savings thrown away on ineffective scams. So how can you make a wise decision when you don't know what is truly effective? The main evidence-based therapies for addiction are covered in this article.

I'm Spending Too Much Money
What to do if you think you are overspending, or you might have an addiction to shopping. Note, shopping addiction can indicate a treatable medical condition.

Shopping Addiction 101
Shopping addiction is a behavioral addiction that can cause individuals and their loved ones significant problems.

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