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Addictive Behaviors

It's not just alcohol and drugs that people get addicted to. We now know that many different behaviors can be addictive.
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How the Movies Influenced American Drinking Culture
Historical paper by Addiction expert Robin Room, explaining how the movies influenced drinking culture in the early 20th century.

The Relationship Between Culture, Drugs and Unsafe Sex
Addictions expert Tim Rhodes explores the relationship between culture, drugs and unsafe sex.

How to Set a New Year's Resolution to Eat Healthier

New Years Resolutions for Addictive Personalities
Do you have an addictive personality? Want to make changes in your life? Make a new year's resolution that will deal with your most stubborn habits and addictions.

Evidence-Based Therapy for Addiction
Therapy for addiction is big business. And people struggling with addictions, and their loved ones, are often desperate by the time they seek help, but are overwhelmed with the multitude of options promising a new life free of alcohol and drugs, while real life stories warn of relapse and life savings thrown away on ineffective scams. So how can you make a wise decision when you don't know what is truly effective? The main evidence-based therapies for addiction are covered in this article.

Internet Dating Safety Tips for Women
Internet dating is a way that single women can find a partner without the awkwardness of in-person introductions. But it does carry risks, so follow these tips when meeting a date you have met online.

DSM-IV to DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Use Disorders
The new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has changed the criteria for Substance Use Disorders. Find out how this affects the diagnosis of problematic substance use.

Drugs 101
General definition of drugs in an addictions context.

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