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Group Therapy for Kids With Computer Game Addiction

Being a Kid in the Real World


Updated October 23, 2011

It is hard enough facing the fact that your child is hooked on computer games. An added worry for parents who realize their child has developed a computer game addiction is the lack of specialist services. Those in Seattle, Washington are fortunate that group therapy is now available for kids ages 10 to 15.

A separate group is available for adults and older teens over 16 years old.

Kids will benefit from knowing they are not alone in their addiction, and from being with other kids who are going through the same struggle to overcome computer game addiction. They will learn how to get back into being a kid in the real world, and to find a balance between playing on the computer and other activities in their lives. They can also use the group to learn life skills that they may not yet have developed.

The group is facilitated by Dr. Hilarie Cash, a co-founder of Internet/Computer Addiction Services, and Anna DiNoto, who is currently studying for her doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus in video game/Internet addiction at Argosy University in Seattle, Washington.

Fees: There is a fee of $25 per session.

For more information: Contact Dr. Hilarie Cash and Anna DiNoto at Internet/Computer Addiction Services, 16307 N.E. 83rd St., Redmond, WA. 98052.

Telephone: (425) 861-5504

Email: argosystudent@gmail.com

You can also join their Facebook group.

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