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Whether you are thinking of quitting an addiction, looking for support in coping with problems, or just want someone to talk to, help is available. There are hotlines, support groups and treatment programs for many different addictions, as well as for the family members and loved ones of people with addictions.
  1. Treatment / Support Groups
  2. Telephone Support
  3. Helping a Loved One Beat an Addiction

Treatment / Support Groups

Support groups for people with addictions are freely available in most areas. Treatment programs are also often freely available, although there may be more involved in accessing services. Knowing whether support groups or a treatment program is right for you and your circumstances is a good first step to getting help.

Telephone Support

There are many hotlines tailored to specific addictions, such as alcohol, drugs and gambling. Calling a hotline can be a quick and easy way of getting support while you are thinking about making changes, experiencing difficulties, or waiting for a place in a treatment program. Some people like to use hotlines if they want to talk to someone who understands, but don't want to join a support group.

Helping a Loved One Beat an Addiction

It can be heartbreaking to see a family member or loved one struggle with an addiction. More and more treatment programs are offering support for family members, and research is showing that how family members respond to an addiction can profoundly affect the outcome. The situation may seem hopeless, but it isn't -- there are many ways you can help your loved one and yourself.

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