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Low-Carb Snacks

Addictions: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Do the Effects of a Cocaine High Feel Like?
A cocaine high can change the way you feel about yourself, and about other people, in your mind and in your body. But it isn't all good.
What Does an Acid Trip Really Feel Like?
Tripping on acid (LSD) is a highly unpredictable experience, but there are some common features to the psychedelic experience.
Read 5 Accounts of Bad Acid Trips
Tripping on acid can be very unpleasant, even terrifying. These five true bad acid trip stories could make you think twice before taking it.
The Dangerous Effects of Heroin Addiction
Heroin effects are intense, but can be unpleasant. For most people, the negative effects of heroin far outweigh the positive.
What Does Getting High on Meth Actually Feel...
Getting high on meth can change your perceptions, feelings and sensations.
Can People Really Be Addicted to Sex?
Explores definitions and the controversy of the concept of sex addiction.
DSM 5 Criteria for Substance Use Disorders
The DSM 5 criteria for substance use disorders are used by psychiatrists, psychologists, and other professionals to diagnose drug-related problems.
What Symptoms to Expect When You Have Heroin...
This article explains the symptoms that are commonly experienced when people go through heroin withdrawal.
5 Side Effects to Expect From Meth Withdrawal
This article explains the symptoms that are commonly experienced when people go through meth withdrawal.
What Do the Effects of a Marijuana High Feel...
Find out what the effects of getting high on marijuana feel like before you consider trying this unpredictable drug.
How Cocaine Can Become Addictive
Is cocaine addictive? Addictions.
The Most Comprehensive Definition of Peer...
Peer pressure is a term used to describe the way that people of the same social group -- peers -- can influence on another, often in negative ways.
Tips For Coping With Withdrawal Nausea and...
Tips for coping with withdrawal nausea and vomiting.
Get the Facts About Poppers
Poppers is an inhalant drug, also known as amyl nitrite. But although this drug is legally available to adults, did you know it is potentially dangerous?
What to Expect from Alcohol Withdrawal
Do you know what to expect if you suddenly stop drinking alcohol? How alcohol withdrawal symptoms can affect you, and why you might need medical help.
Everything You Should Know About Cocaine's...
What is in cocaine, or more accurately, the mixture of substances commonly sold as cocaine by drug dealers, is something you should know before you take it.
What to Expect From Caffeine Withdrawal
This article explains the symptoms that are commonly experienced when people go through caffeine withdrawal.
What's in Heroin That Makes It So Addictive?
Describes the ingredients that heroin contains.
What You Can Expect During Cocaine Withdrawal
This article explains the symptoms that are commonly experienced when people go through cocaine withdrawal syndrome after stopping taking the drug.
Tips For Diarrhea Stomach Pain Treatment During...
Tips for controlling diarrhea stomach pain during drug withdrawal.
The Alarming Signs and Symptoms of Addiction
Details symptoms of addiction experienced by addicts with dependencies and signs observed by concerned others.
How to Emotionally Support Someone With an...
Guidance on how to help addicts, including how to support a loved one with an addiction and how to care for yourself. Explains what to expect when you suggest a family member or friend has an addiction.
What is Asphyxiation?
This answers the frequently asked question of what is asphyxiation. Includes the different drug-related causes for it as well as others causes.
Men's Blood Alcohol Content by Number of Drinks
Part of drinking safely is knowing how much alcohol you can drink while keeping your blood-alcohol content under the limit.
How to Cope With a Bad Acid Trip
A bad trip can happen suddenly and unexpectedly on hallucinogenic drugs. These five tips will help you cope with a bad acid trip if it happens to you.
9 Ways to Communicate With Someone Who Has an...
Can you communicate with someone who has an addiction? Should you confront them, challenge them, agree with them? Find out how to talk to an addict.
Myths and Realities of Gay Meth Use
There has been a lot of concern in the addiction research field about the epidemic of gay meth use. Some
Everything You Wanted to Know About Addictions
Clear, concise definition of addiction, covering both substance and behavioral addictions. Includes examples of addictive behaviors and defining characteristics of the condition.
Read About the Different Classes of Controlled...
The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is a law in the United States which determines which substances are controlled drugs, and carry penalties.
The Stages of Change Model of Overcoming...
The stages of change model explains how people overcome addiction. It is also sometimes called the transtheoretical model.
What to Do When Your Addicted Loved One Lies
People with addictions are notorious for telling lies. But why do they do it? And how can family members and others who care cope with frequent lying?
Common Characteristics of Heroin Addiction
Explains the characteristics of heroin addiction, as distinct from non-problematic heroin use and heroin abuse.
What Are Behavioral Addictions?
Describes behavioral (nonsubstance) addictions and provides links to articles on specific behavioral addictions like gambling and exercise.
5 Movies About Ecstasy
Five movies about ecstasy (MDMA).
The 5 Best Movies About LSD and Psychedelics
These five acid trip movies give viewers a sense of the fascinating but sometimes frightening and downright dangerous experience of tripping on LSD.
The 10 Most Addictive Painkillers
Prescription pain killers are commonly abused. Here are ten of the most addictive pain drugs on the market today. Steve
How Much Caffeine Is in Common Foods and Drinks?
The amount of caffeine that is in everyday foods and drinks.
What is the Difference Between Soft Drugs and...
Answers the frequently asked question,
10 Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Have an...
Do you have an addictive personality? Here are ten behaviors to get under control.
Tips For Withdrawal Fever Management
Tips for responding appropriately to, and controlling, withdrawal fever. Learn about signs if they need medical attention or how to perform home treatment.
Understanding Polyamorous Relationships
Glossary definition of the term polyamorous and if it has any relation to sex addiction.
What Is Acid?
Glossary definition of the hallucinogenic drug acid, also known as LSD. Learn about its history, original psychiatric use, and its recreational use.
What Is PAWS?
Glossary definition of post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). Includes other names for PAWS, common symptoms, and examples.
Understanding an Addict
Understanding an addict and how an addict feels.
What to Do For Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome...
Tips for coping with post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).
10 Common Types of Sex Addiction
Dr Patrick Carnes identified ten types of addictive sexual behavior in his book, Don't Call It Love.
3 Ways to Deal With Withdrawal Insomnia
Withdrawal insomnia from drugs or alcohol can last for a long time. Read about three ways to cut down on the sleeplessness caused by these substances.
What Is Withdrawal?
Withdrawal is an unpleasant state which occurs when someone who has been taking a drug regularly suddenly stops taking the drug.
What is Opioid Use Disorder?
The diagnostic criteria for Opioid Use Disorder, a substance use disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).
10 Reasons Why People Abuse Prescription...
How do people go from normal painkiller use to painkiller addiction? There are many factors, and some of the major ones are presented here.
What to Expect from Cannabis Withdrawal
Marijuana users claimed that the drug was non-addictive and that there were no withdrawal symptoms when they quit. But research tells a different story.
How to Find a Needle Exchange Program
Needle exchange programs quietly exist in many communities, so that IV drug users can get clean equipment, but they can be hard to find.
Ten Cognitive Distortions Identified in CBT
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is based on identifying cognitive distortions, or "twisted thinking,"
Harm Reduction Tips for Cocaine Users
Cocaine use is a high risk activity. While cocaine use is never safe, these tips will help reduce the risk of the greatest harm from occurring as a result of taking cocaine, although there is no guarantee.
Pump and Dump
Explains the pump and dump method of maintaining lactation when your breastmilk could be contaminated with drugs or medications.
The Difference Between Addictions and Compulsions
Explains the difference between addictions and compulsions.
What Is Euphoria?
Glossary definition of euphoria in the context of addiction. includes an example of drug euphoria.
What Are the Official Criteria For Addiction?
DSM-IV-TR criteria for addiction -- substance dependence
Acid Flashbacks
Explains what happens when someone experiences an acid flashback, or to give it the technical term, Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder.
Party and Play
Find out about the party-and-play phenomenon in the gay world. Explore how gay men and women use drugs for sexual pleasure.
The Truth About Acid
The truth about acid debunks five commonly held myths about LSD.
Severe Withdrawal Tips
Learn how to go through withdrawal safely and how to cope with severe withdrawal symptoms.
What to Expect from Nicotine Withdrawal
This article explains the symptoms that are commonly experienced when people go through nicotine withdrawal, and how to manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
What Is Suboxone?
Suboxone is a prescription medication that can help treat heroin addiction and dependence on other opiates.
What is Xanax? - Dosages, Side Effects, and...
What is Xanax? This article includes a definition of Xanax, it also provides information on dosages, side effects, and the risks associated with taking Xanax.
What Is Sex Anorexia?
An introduction to the concept of sexual anorexia, developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, an expert in sex addiction.
Smoking and Breastfeeding
The effects of smoking on breastfeeding.
5 Effective Ways to Refuse a Drink (Without...
It is tough for anyone to say no to alcohol, but is very difficult for those who are quitting or cutting down on alcohol. Learns tips to make it easier.
Why Did I Relapse?
It is common for people quitting or trying to control an addictive behavior to relapse at least once during recovery.
What is a Bad Trip?
A bad trip can happen after taking psychedelic drugs such as lysergic acid (LSD) or magic mushrooms. Learn about effects like frightening hallucinations.
Can Marijuana Cause Infertility?
FAQ addressing whether marijuana can cause infertility, including a review of research on marijuana effects on fertility.
Five Types of Internet Abuse Used to Cyberbully
Predators and bullies are using internet abuse to cyberbully their victims. Know each type of internet abuse, and how to protect yourself and your children.
Can You Become Addicted to Exercise?
This article gives an overview of exercise addiction. While it is thought of as a healthy behavior, exercise can be addictive, like alcohol or drugs.
What Is Delusion?
Glossary definition of the term delusion in the context of drug addiction. Learn about different types of delusions and how they can affect you.
How to Recognize 6 Different Types of Marijuana
There are several types of marijuana, and a variety of cannabis preparations which look completely different, although they contain the same drug.
What Are the Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey?
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A Review of the SMART Recovery Program
Reviews the advantages and disadvantages of joining a SMART Recovery program for support in overcoming an addiction.
What's the Difference Between Compulsive...
Compulsive and impulsive shopping are often referred to as interchangeable, but there are key differences. Read about the motivations for each.
Addiction Treatment
Describes addiction treatment processes, including substance and behavioral addictions. Includes expectations and different formats of addiction treatment.
What is Psychosis?
Glossary definition of the term psychosis. Learn about the clinical term, common causes and types, and the connection between drug use and psychosis.
Is Shopping Addiction Real?
What is shopping addiction? Are you overspending, and shopping for emotional reasons, only to feel dissatisfied with your purchases? If so, read on...
What Are Drug Laws?
Learn about the main laws around drug possession and trafficking. Includes drug-related terms used by law enforcement.
What is Substance/Medication-Induced Depressive...
Depression can sometimes be caused by taking alcohol, illicit drugs, or medications. Substance/Medication-Induced Depressive Disorder is the official diagnostic label for substance induced depression.
How Addictions Can Actually Be About Fitting In
Addictive behaviors range from socially acceptable to socially deviant behavior, with a large grey area of socially problematic or somewhat stigmatized behavior.
What Is BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)?
Details of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). Learn about how it is measured and it what way it is shown.
Ten Ways to Support Someone After a Death From...
Ten ways to support someone who has lost an addicted relative or loved one to a death from drugs.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Addiction
Cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction, also known as CBT, is a psychological treatment to help people with a range of addictive behaviors.
10 Reasons Why the Cycle of Sexual Abuse...
Details and reasons why people who were sexually abused as children have abusive relationships as adults.
How Much Alcohol is in an American Standard...
How much alcohol is in one American standard drink? This frequently asked question is answered in terms of common alcoholic beverages.
What Is Intoxication?
Definition of the term intoxication in regards to alcohol or drug use. Includes many uses of the word and an example.
What Is Motivational Interviewingas a Treatment...
What is Motivational Interviewing? It is an approach to addiction counseling, which is respectful and non-confrontational, but helps with motivation to change.
Top 3 Tips for Coping With Withdrawal Cravings
Understanding cravings during withdrawal.
Withdrawal Fatigue Tip
Tips for coping with fatigue during withdrawal.
Types of Gambler
Clarifies the differences between the most common types of frequent gambler. Describes types like professional, social, and problem gamblers.
Characteristics of Marijuana Abuse
Explains the characteristics of marijuana abuse, as distinct from non-problematic marijuana use and marijuana addiction.
What is Sexting?
Definition of the term sexting in the context of sex addiction. Includes how this can affect teenagers and an example of sexting.
Important Health Risks of Marijuana Use While...
There is a lot of uncertainty among mothers who breastfeed and among doctors about whether breastfeeding should be avoided among women who smoke marijuana. This article tells you what the research shows.
Stimulant Use Disorder
This article outlines the criteria for the new diagnositic label of Stimulant Use Disorder, in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-5.
Addict Games That Frustrate and Manipulate...
Addict games are real-life versions of games we played as children. This shows five of the most popular games that you don’t realize you are playing.
What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Lost an...
Here are ten things you should avoid saying to someone or a family who has lost a relative or loved one with an addiction.
Five Best Addiction Recovery Gifts for a Drug...
Wondering what to buy for the drug user in your life? Here are the five best addiction recovery gifts for a drug user that won't worsen their habit.
Cannabis Use Disorder
Diagnostic criteria for Cannabis Use Disorder, a new diagnosis included in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-5.
What Exactly Is a Food Addiction?
Food addiction is a very real phenomenon that affects millions of people. One in three Americans is obese, and the addictive substances in the American diet are at least partly to blame.
12 Step Programs
Reviews the advantages and disadvantages of joining a 12 step program for support in overcoming an addiction or coping with the addiction of a loved one.
Video Game Addiction 101: The Basics You Should...
Video game addiction is being recognized as a potentially harmful addictive behavior. Here are things you can do to stop developing this addiction.
The Truth About Ecstasy
The truth about MDMA debunks five commonly held myths about the drug ecstasy.
Alcohol and Breastfeeding
The latest advice on drinking alcohol while breastfeeding.
Caffeine and Breastfeeding
Advice for breastfeeding moms on combining caffeine and breastfeeding.
Ten Tips for a Healthy Sexual Intimacy After a...
The key characteristics of a healthy intimacy after treatment for a sexual addiction.
Are Energy Drinks Actually Good for You?
Explains the effects of energy drinks.
What Are Magic Mushrooms?
Glossary definition of magic mushrooms.
What Is a Therapeutic Relationship?
Outlines the aspects of the therapeutic relationship in addictions treatment.
Internet Sex Addiction
Describes the process of addiction to sexual activity based on the internet.
The Self Medication Theory of Addiction and...
The self medication theory of addiction is the idea that people use addictive substances or behaviors to cope with a hidden physical or mental health issue.
How Much Is a "Standard Drink," Anyway?
We talk about alcohol in terms of drinks, but how much alcohol is actually in a standard drink?
The 10 Different Types of Overeating
Overeating is a common problem, but there are many different types of overeating. Here are ten of the most frequently cited ways that overeating can become a problem.
Five Harm Reduction Tips for Heroin Users
Heroin use is a high risk activity, and is best avoided completely. However, heroin users can take steps to reduce the potential harm of taking heroin.
Before You Choose a Detox Program
Review of major considerations when deciding whether a detox program for your addiction is right for you.
What is a K Hole?
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What Does it Feel Like to Get High on...
Getting high on amphetamines can seem like a quick and easy way to feel cheery and energetic, but sometimes it can backfire.
What is a Flashback?
What is a flashback? Flashbacks include occasional, temporary post-drug experiences, as well as Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder.
How to Quit An Addiction - Advice on Stopping
Dealing with the many factors, physical, mental and emotional, that make quitting difficult is the secret of how to quit an addiction.
What are the Side Effects of Caffeine?
What are the side effects of caffeine? An in-depth article on the short-term side effects of the addictive stimulant that is used daily by countless people.
Withdrawal Depression Tips
Tips for coping with withdrawal depression.
5 Surprising Marijuana Myths You Should Know
Five commonly held myths about marijuana are debunked in this article.
What Not to Say to Someone With a Drug Addiction
These are some of the ignorant, rude, or clueless comments or questions that someone with a drug addiction won't want to hear from family and friends.
How Can I Stop Hurting?
Although drugs can sometimes numb emotional as well as physical pain, there are ways it can make the problem worse.
What are the Effects of Caffeine on the Brain?
The effects of caffeine on the brain are wide ranging. There are several psychological effects of caffeine, which can disrupt mental processes.
Effects of Caffeine on the Body
Learn about the effects of caffeine on the body - your heart, blood pressure, and density can be seriously affected by the stimulant.
Five Ways to Curb Your Drug Cravings
Cravings are a normal reactions to discontinuing drug use. They can trigger a relapse, but try these simple strategies to curb your drug cravings.
What is a Drug Dealer
Definition of the term drug dealer
Five Types of Cybersex User
Research shows that there are five different types of cybersex user, and not all of them have cybersex addiction or sexual problems. Here examples of each.
Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug to Heroin and...
Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug? The gateway drug theory says that marijuana leads to more serious drug problems, such as cocaine and heroin addiction.
Avoid Dangerous Men With How to Spot a...
How to Spot a Dangerous Man describes eight types of dangerous men, gives strategies and red alert checklists, and shares success stories and failures.
Should Workplace Drug Testing Be Allowed?
Recent medical technology developments have created workplace drug testing, to find out whether someone has recently used a drug. Read about its pros and cons. Page 2.
Why You Get Sugar Cravings When You Aren't Even...
If you have ever found yourself craving sugary food, even when you weren't hungry, or kept on eating sweet food long after you intended to stop, read on. Sugar addiction is a common type of food addiction.
Can I Combine Drugs and Breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding is highly recommended, but drug use while breastfeeding may cause problems for your baby. Learn about how using drugs can affect your baby.
What Is Pathological Gambling?
Explores the concept of pathological gambling as a behavioral addiction. Learn the characteristics and behavior of a compulsive gambler.
Definition of Rebound Effect
Glossary definition of rebound effect, as used in the context of addictions. includes an example and what it has to do with homeostasis.
Other Hallucinogen Use Disorder
Describes the new diagnosis of Other Hallucinogen Use Disorder, as it appears in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5.
What Is Hallucination?
Glossary definition of hallucination. Learn about visual hallucinations as well as other types and non-drug and drug-related causes.
What is a Relapse to an Addiction, Substance or...
What is a relapse? Having a relapse to an addiction, substance or behavior should be avoided, but does not always mean failure.
What is Paranoia?
Glossary definition of the term paranoia.
What Is the Nature vs Nurture Debate?
Learn about the argument of the nature vs nurture debate as it applies to understanding addiction.
DSM-IV to DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for...
The new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has changed the criteria for Substance Use Disorders. Find out how this affects the diagnosis of problematic substance use.
Ten Basic Rules of Netiquette or Internet...
The new rules of etiquette include use of technology, but you can avoid offending people by following ten basic rules of netiquette.
Before You Inject Drugs Unsafely
An overview of safe injection sites, places where people can go to safely and privately inject drugs.
Tips on Controlling the Urge to Lie
Laws and social stigma create situations where lies become a way of life for addicts. Here are tips for people with addictions who want to be honest.
Is Online Infidelity Really Cheating?
Online infidelity, sexual or romantic involvement through email or the internet, can feel like it isn't really cheating, but is this right?
What Is Tough Love?
: Tough love is an expression for which the first account I could track down was the title of a book
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