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Reader Reviews : User Reviews: Drug Treatment Centers


Updated July 20, 2010

Going into a drug treatment center can be a life-changing experience, but while some people find drug treatment centers supportive, others have not worked out for some people. Share your experience of your time in a drug treatment center, and you could provide vital information to help another reader turn their life around, or save them the disappointment of the wrong drug treatment center.

A good facility

The Orchid Recovery Center is clean, comfortable and calm - three things I hadn't had in a very long time. I loved the staff, and I truly feel way more commited to my recovery than ever before thanks…More

A good facility

I really loved the groups and the individual counseling at Palm Partners. I was introduced to the 12 step fellowship there, which has been amazingly helpful in my recovery. The staff were great, and …More

A good facility

At the G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center I was diagnosed with dual diagnosis. I knew I had a drinking problem, but G&G helped me recognize that years of depression contributed greatly to that. …More

Good Experience of a Treatment Program

At my bottom @ 5am on a Saturday I called Caron Foundation in Wernersville Pa. At 8 am as promised I received a call from admissions with a bed. Two hours later I was in detox and so the journey on M…More

A reader's experience of a treatment program

the owner (at least i believe he was) when writing down my answers to his questions wrote what he wanted instead of my answers. heres an example: do you have thoughts of hurting yourself. of coarse i…More

31 Months Clean

Attended the Watershed Addiction Treatment Center were I was treated with respect and integrity throughout the entire healing process. The combination of their modified 12 step approach and further g…More

A Positive Experience of Detox

I have gone through detox program at one of the drug rehab facilities in PA. My main purpose of this review is to help people from my state and country overall to understand that not every rehab faci…More

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