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Readers Respond: Has CBT Helped You?

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Updated January 24, 2011

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is cited to be a popular approach to addictions treatment for clients and therapists. But what is CBT like for the client? Share Your Experiences


i have used this model and find it very effective special working with adol ,but i would like to know about this model.
—Guest lafrance


Hello,Just wanted to get rid of a big THANK YOU!!!!!, to you peolpe from the Beck institute. I`ve been working through a big pile of stuff in my own life last year, and a lot of it was sorting out those automatic thoughts in my head, mostly by reading books about CBT (and combining it with other books), doing an internet course, and writing and phoning someone. As far as I understand, you peolpe from the Beck institute invented these things, right? So a big thank you again, you certainly had a large influence on my life. It`s my birthday, today and it certainly is a much much nicer one then last year Barbara
—Guest FhjLQOoKXN

Alcohol is another abused drug

I can't understand why drinking is so socially accepted when does nothing good for anyone. Looking forward to ending a stressful day with some alcohol and celebrating good days with it. Using to quell the frustrations of things at work I had no power to change was my excuse to abuse it. Realizing your understanding of the world is comprised of beliefs are contrary to the actual reality. I believed in people and many in the workforce are of people that don't want a better world, just a better self. At 40 it was a life changing epiphany that drinking did nothing but compromise my ability to make better choices.
—Guest Former Corperate Executive

It works if you let it

Yes CBT can work if you do the work and are ready to be and stay clean I myself have had CBT and as well as a methadon regiment the two together has worked wonders for me the tooles are there you must use them thow I am now over a year clean and my life is only getting better each day yes some days are hard but I now have the tooles not to pick up and use . God bless
—Guest Clean from heroin

CBT Pleasing Fantasy Too Much Sex

I am currently in Cognitive behavior therapy. I am like a chameleon I want to lease my partner in every way to the point of be his porn fantacy fetish just fully satisfy my man. He made the comment the other day that I need to offer more to our relationship than sex. Little more in debth we have a long distance relationship he works in another state a month at a time and I take care of home and bills doctor appointments anything that we need to take care of. Last hitch I over heard him tell someone he did not get enough sex. Which he was sick and I was bit by a spider. This time we had lots of sex he visited his parents we did a little shopping and went to the dentist two different days. We also went out 2 nights. So now I am trying to figure out what do I need to do differently.

Irretional response from an addict ?

My son in law a software professional is guided by peers to an addictive behaviour as they get they get their addiction fulfilled freely by his spending . He avoids any one who approaches him to discuss . Also gives irreetional excuses to prevevent any one intervening .He promises kids that he will stop addiction each birth day but breaks his promise . What is your expert advice ?
—Guest Krishna Kumar

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Has CBT Helped You?

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