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Readers Respond: Has CBT Helped You?

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Updated January 24, 2011

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is cited to be a popular approach to addictions treatment for clients and therapists. But what is CBT like for the client?

CBT Pleasing Fantasy Too Much Sex

I am currently in Cognitive behavior therapy. I am like a chameleon I want to lease my partner in every way to the point of be his porn fantacy fetish just fully satisfy my man. He made the comment the other day that I need to offer more to our relationship than sex. Little more in debth we have a long distance relationship he works in another state a month at a time and I take care of home and bills doctor appointments anything that we need to take care of. Last hitch I over heard him tell someone he did not get enough sex. Which he was sick and I was bit by a spider. This time we had lots of sex he visited his parents we did a little shopping and went to the dentist two different days. We also went out 2 nights. So now I am trying to figure out what do I need to do differently.

Irretional response from an addict ?

My son in law a software professional is guided by peers to an addictive behaviour as they get they get their addiction fulfilled freely by his spending . He avoids any one who approaches him to discuss . Also gives irreetional excuses to prevevent any one intervening .He promises kids that he will stop addiction each birth day but breaks his promise . What is your expert advice ?
—Guest Krishna Kumar

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