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Can People Really Be Addicted to Gambling or Sex?

We've all heard about alcohol and drug addictions, but do gambling and sex really count as addictive behaviors?

Addictions Spotlight10

Drug Legalization

The criminalization of drug users has been a long and controversial debate, but even drug users don't necessarily think legalization is the answer.

How Relationships Influence Teen Substance Use

Concerned about your teenage child's friends? Certain types of relationships can increase risk of substance use in teens.

Drug Use Etiquette Can Harm Your Health

Etiquette isn't just for the upper class and the old fashioned -- it applies to drug use as well. But it can do more harm than good.

Enabling Relationships and Addiction

While the decision to use drugs is made by the individual, friends, family and even physicians can enable drug use.

Is Cybersex Fantasy or Reality?

Cybersex may seem like harmless fantasy, but when it involves children, even those who simply dabble in child porn pose a serious risk to young children.

How Your Friends Can Make You Gain Weight

Friends and family may have more influence over your eating habits, and even whether you gain weight, or become overweight than you thought.

Stress and Addiction -- What's the Connection?

Concepts of addiction have moved from a focus on addictive drugs, to an understanding of the relationship between addictive behaviors and stress.

Work Addiction in the Downsizing Era

The attitude of workaholism is becoming the norm in the US, but it can damage relatioships. This article offers suggestions for overworked readers.

Sugar Addiction in Children

Research is increasingly supporting the existence of sugar addiction in children. There also appears to be a link with violence in later life.

TB and Drug Addiction -- Time to Call it Quits

Tuberculosis or TB is a rare but potentially life-threatening bacterial infection which affects the lungs. Alcohol and drug users are the highest risk group for TB in the United States.

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