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Can People Really Be Addicted to Gambling or Sex?

We've all heard about alcohol and drug addictions, but do gambling and sex really count as addictive behaviors?

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Sugar Addiction in Children

Research is increasingly supporting the existence of sugar addiction in children. There also appears to be a link with violence in later life.

TB and Drug Addiction -- Time to Call it Quits

Tuberculosis or TB is a rare but potentially life-threatening bacterial infection which affects the lungs. Alcohol and drug users are the highest risk group for TB in the United States.

Pro Ana — An Inevitable Subcultural Movement Encouraging Compulsive Undereating

The pro ana movement may seem shocking, but in this article, Addictions Expert, Dr Elizabeth Hartney, argues that in the current culture, it was bound to happen.

Television Addiction

Television has long been discussed in the media, and accepted among laypeople. But researchers remain unclear on the nature of this behavioral addiction.

How Sexting Can Land Teens in Trouble

Sexting -- harmless fun or high risk activity for youth?

The Gay Drug Use Stereotype

A commonly held stereotype is that gay men use recreational drugs. But in reality, many gay men do not use drugs, and this myth is harmful to the gay community.

Why Your Kids Need to Recognize Marijuana

Parents worry about how to talk to their kids honestly about marijuana use. It can seem safest to avoid the subject altogether. But is it?

How to Reduce the Risk of Gambling Problems in Teens

Parents often don't realize how high the risk is for teens to develop problems with gambling, yet parents can reduce the risk.

Substance Use and Intimate Partner Violence

While most drinkers and drug users are not violent, alcohol and substance use does increase the risk of intimate partner violence, particularly during

My Boyfriend Gets Aggressive When He's High on Crack

Recently my boyfriend has gotten into smoking crack and he gets really aggressive. A couple of times he has hit me over and over again. What should I do?

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