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Group Therapy for People Addicted to Video Games

Getting Away From the Controller or Computer and Getting Your Life Back


Updated December 02, 2011

If you are addicted to video games, you are not alone. Getting help takes a lot of courage, and therapy specifically tailored to the needs of people who are addicted to video games is not always easy to find. However, group therapy for people over age 16 who are addicted to video games is now available in Seattle, WA.

A separate group is available for children and teens ages 10 to 15 who are addicted to video games.

Coming to group therapy is supportive as it gives you the chance to meet others with the same problem. As you are guided through the recovery process, you will learn how to reintegrate into reality. You will learn to develop life skills that you may lack, and how to achieve a healthy balance between computer use and real life.

The group is facilitated by Dr. Hilarie Cash, a co-founder of Internet/Computer Addiction Services, and Anna DiNoto, currently studying for her doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus in video game/Internet addiction at Argosy University in Seattle, Washington.

Fees: There is a fee of $25 per session.

For more information: Contact Dr. Hilarie Cash and Anna DiNoto at Internet/Computer Addiction Services, 16307 N.E. 83rd St., Redmond, WA. 98052.

Telephone: (425) 861-5504

Email: argosystudent@gmail.com

You can also join their Facebook group.

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