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Making a New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution Ideas for Overcoming Addictions


Updated December 22, 2012

A new year resolution is a great way to get started on overcoming your addictive behaviors and bad habits. What is a new year resolution? Put simply, it is a decision made on the first day of the year to change something that isn't working in your life, through your own initiative. The new year provides a great opportunity to make a fresh start.

As well as setting a date you won't forget, making a new resolution for the new year gives you a sense of comaraderie with all the other people who are working on improving their lives. Here are some of the most popular new year resolution ideas for people with addictive personalities.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is top of the list for those that find it really hard to let go of cigarettes. For many smokers, they make the same resolution year after year, only to start smoking again in February. The answer? Use the support that is out there, take vitamin supplements, and consider nicotine replacement.

Talk to your doctor about appropriate dosages, as many people under-dose themselves with nicotine patches, and still experience cravings. Some places, such as British Columbia, provide free NRTs and medications to help with quitting smoking as part of basic healthcare. And with the cost of cigarettes, a good old glass jar filling up with all the cash you'd be spending on tobacco can be a great incentive!

Stop Overeating

In January, many of us feel the nip in the waistband after overindulging over the holidays. Big meals combined with leisurely days at home can lead to those extra few pounds that remind us of the need to cut back on junk food, sugary food, and supersize portions.

So what is the best way to lose weight? Combine a reasonable amount of exercise -- no more than 2 hours per day to avoid exercise addiction -- with a calorie controlled diet. But the most important thing is to avoid overeating in future.

Get Your Drinking Under Control

While for some people, there is a need to go through detox and quit alcohol completely, for many drinkers, the new year brings a sneaking suspicion that there were some embarrassing moments over the holidays, best forgotten in the blur of intoxication, along with a sense that it would be an improvement to drink responsibly.

Unplug Yourself From the Internet

We're all spending more and more time online, and now, it isn't just computers that give us internet access, increasingly, people are hyperconnected to their smartphones. And while you might not want to let go of the many advantages they bring, it's good to have a strategy for how to control your smartphone use if you feel it is taking over your life.

Increased access to the internet can also turn a casual enjoyment of video games to full-fledged video game addiction, and you may be feeling that you are spending too many hours lost in the fantasy of cyberspace, while your real life passes you by. Or perhaps cybersex has taken over a your principal form of relaxation.

Develop Stronger Relationships

There are many ways that addiction can affect your relationships. Improving your relationships will often mean having to deal with your addiction first, as the attachment that you feel to your addictive behavior or substance will often interfere with fulfilling the obligations of a relationship, making the other person feel neglected, taken advantage of, or even abused. A good starting point is to look at improving honesty, which is an important part of genuine intimacy in relationships. If you feel you need more help, find out about relationship counselling or family therapy.

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